What Damage Can Pigeon Droppings Cause to My Property and Garden

feral-pigeonOne of the most common birds that we find around our houses is a pigeon. Although it looks like a safe and harmless bird, but as per research it is one of those birds that can cause a lot of nuisance and damage to your property (house, vehicle or garden). The major damage caused by a pigeon is via its droppings. Pigeon droppings consist of harmful acids that have the ability of not only eating away metal structures but also can result in patches and blemishes on the car paint. Not only this, they also can result in the transmission of.

It has been observed that the the pigeon droppings, if left unattended, will not only look unsightly but the uricacid in it can cause damage to the finish of buildings and monuments. If these droppings are left to accumulate, then the acid in it actually starts to eat the metals or even erode the stones. If you do not regularly clean the droppings off your lawns or gardens during summers, too much heat can cause the lawns to burn as well. All this can result in a lot of financial damage.

As per medical research pigeons are associated with human transmissible diseases including variety of bacterial, fungal, rickettsial and even viral diseases. Some of these common diseases are: fowl typhoid, paratyphoid, tuberculosis and many more. When accumulated in huge quantity, they even have the potential of causing health hazards.

So, a pigeon that normally looks harmful to our eyes can cause a lot of harm. It is difficult or virtually impossible to get rid of them but you should take the necessary steps to avoid the nuisance created by them like proofing to block them from entering your property and also use measures like regular clean-up of your gardens, balconies etc and never let the droppings accumulate for longer durations.

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