How to Prevent Pigeons From Settling in Your Attic

pigeon-1Pigeons are known to have troubled humans for decades. They have been around for millions of years and various remedies have been adapted to aid in pigeon control. If you are looking for how to prevent pigeons from settling in your attic, then this article is a must read for you. Some of the remedies in place are quite lethal and can cause harm to the pigeons. There are other alternative ways that can be adopted without the use of poisons and fatal chemicals.

One of the ways you can control pigeons is through natural methods that are not harmful to them. The pigeon spike is a very effective deterrent and easy to install. They may seem dangerous and sharp but they do not cause any harm to the pigeons. Instead they act as blocks preventing the pigeons from landing and settling in your attic. You could also control pigeons by regularly cleaning the area where they are prone to settle. This is an effective and natural way of keeping them away. The pigeons will often frequent areas that they are regularly fed and can get access to food easily. Without any food, they get discouraged and do not return.

Other way of how to prevent pigeons from settling in your attic include installing large size dummies of the predators that the pigeons are afraid of. These would be snakes, the crow or even hawks. These dummies will frighten them and cause them to look for shelter elsewhere. Sound is also a very effective pigeon control deterrent. There are different types of sounds available in the market with sounds similar to gunshots, fire crackers and even the sound of a crow. These are sounds that the crow dislikes and will definitely draw them away from your attic. Natural methods are very effective in pigeon control. You just need to find the one that will work for you.

writernuisance / February 12, 2014 / Bird Removal